Hilperton Parish Allotments are situated at the top of the playing field of Hilperton Village Hall.

There are 65 plots in total – 24 standard plots which measure 5m by 30m, 26 two third plots, 13 half size plots as well as two smaller plots.

There is currently one plot available.

Annual Cost 2015-16 (1st Apr – 31st Mar)

  • Full Plot @ £55.00
  • 2/3 Plot  @ £45.00
  • Half Plot @ £32.00
  • Small Plot @ £25.00

Applications are welcome from interested parties, that reside within the boundary of the allotment authority. If a tenant is permitted to reside outside this boundary, the Council may give 12 months notice if the allotment is required for a new tenant who lives within the boundary. Available plots are offered on a first come first served basis.


Allotment users are reminded that a right to park in the village hall car park does not exist. The VH Committee allow (at their discretion) plot users to park when spaces permit, but vehicles should be removed if the hall is being hired by a user group.

No parking is permitted on the field or any grassed area at anytime. If the ground conditions permit, an allotment user may cross the field to offload “heavy” items, but only with the permission of the Parish Council and Village Hall Committe. They must return the vehicle immediately thereafter to the car park.