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Grass Cutting

Late last year the parish council agreed to fund extra grass cutting throughout the parish.

idVerde quoted for the work which involved additional grass cutting at the churchyard, Lacock Gardens, Wyke Road (junction of Foxglove Drive and Towpath Road), Millards Close and Stourton Park.

The extra cuts have NOT been carried out and the parish council is investigating what has gone wrong.

Apologies for the unkempt appearance of these areas.

Progress Report 12th May 2017

After some delays caused by the change in parish boundary which came into force on 1st April 2017, I am delighted to report that we now have a draft plan and supporting documents which can be published. The documents are available for download below.  The next stage of the project is a 6 week consultation period during which various statutory bodies and of course parish residents can submit comments on the draft plan.

The consultation period runs until 30th June 2017 and a form on which comments can be made is also available for download. Printed copies of the documents will be on display by 20th May 2017 at various locations including the Churches, village hall, the primary school,  garden centre, Lion & Fiddle and Trowbridge library. There will also be a presentation on the draft plan at the village fete on 10th June 2017 where copies of the response form will also be available.

Once all the comments have been received and analysed, they will, where appropriate be incorporated into the documents which  will then be sent to Wiltshire Council for examination. Eventually a referendum will be held on the agreed plan which will only be adopted if the majority vote in favour.

If you want more information or wish to be involved with the project, please email


Draft Neighbourhood Plan
Scoping Report
Draft Consultation Statement
Response Form 

Hilperton Neighbourhood Plan

The project to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Hilperton has been running for about a year now. 

The draft plan is ready for consideration and comment by the residents of the Parish (Reg 14 consultation).

It, and supporting documents, can be downloaded using the Neighbourhood Plan link at the top of this page.

Hard copies can be viewed at the village hall, the local churches, Hilperton School, the Garden Centre, the Lion & Fiddle, Marsh Road Stores, and Trowbridge Library.

The deadline for comments to the draft is 30th June 2017.

During the consultation period there will a presentation of the draft plan at the village fete on 10th June at the playing field in Whaddon Lane.