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April 2020 parish council meeting

The April meeting of the council is NOT one of the three ‘statutory’ meetings shown in the Standing Orders.  Therefore, under the current circumstances, there will be NO meeting in April.

Details of the May Annual Meeting, and the Parish Meeting, will be circulated as soon as it is known whether the government will pass legislation allowing the parish council to delay these.

COVID-19 Working Party

A Hilperton Parish Council working party has met at Cllr. Boreham’s house to discuss a way forward during this crisis.

A ‘flyer’ is being printed which needs to be delivered to all houses in Hilperton Parish.  We think that the scouts/cubs might be able to assist but are unsure.

If you are willing and able to deliver any flyers, or wish to know more details, please contact Gary on 07920 042838   If possible please let him know the time you have available and any restriction on where you can deliver.  That way we should be able to work out the best way to utilise everyone

Wiltshire Council Open Space Survey

Have your say on your local Open Space.

Wiltshire Council needs your help with its latest Open Space Study Survey. Four years ago data was collected about the county’s open spaces and the important role they play in the community, but that data needs updating so results can help with Wiltshire Council’s new Green Infrastructure Strategy and Open Space Strategy.

Due to the problems Wiltshire Council is currently having with its IT, if you would like to take part please request a copy of the survey via the Contact page on this site, which you can then fill in and email to Wiltshire Council at the address provided on the form, or send by post to Wiltshire Council, Spatial Planning,  County Hall,  Bythesea Road,  Trowbridge  BA14 8JN.

The closing date to take part is 31st March, 2020.

If you wish to read about the subject, Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Guidance page has a downloadable PDF which describes green infrastructure. If you wish to see further information regarding Wiltshire Council’s current policies in the Wiltshire Core Strategy, please go to the Planning Policy Core Strategy web page.




The Parish Council has funded a third defib unit.

It is located on the external face of the rear wall of the entrance lobby (by the car park) to the Lion & Fiddle pub in Trowbridge Road.  The other two are located at the village hall in Whaddon Lane, and the ‘Tin Church’ in Horse Road.

The parish council is grateful to these premises for housing the units and paying for the running costs of the lighting and heating.

Parish Council Procedure – 15th October 2018

Parish Council procedure – 15th October 2018.

If you are attending a meeting of the parish council intending to speak, there are one or two things to note.

  1. You have to register with the clerk before the meeting starts.
  2. You can only speak about items that are on the agenda.
  3. You are limited to a maximum of three minutes.
  4. It is NOT a ‘public meeting’. It IS a ‘meeting open to the public’.  They are totally different things
  5. Once you have spoken, and the meeting has been reconvened, you are NOT able to participate.