Parish Council Procedure – 15th October 2018

Parish Council procedure – 15th October 2018.

If you are attending a meeting of the parish council intending to speak, there are one or two things to note.

  1. You have to register with the clerk before the meeting starts.
  2. You can only speak about items that are on the agenda.
  3. You are limited to a maximum of three minutes.
  4. It is NOT a ‘public meeting’. It IS a ‘meeting open to the public’.  They are totally different things
  5. Once you have spoken, and the meeting has been reconvened, you are NOT able to participate.

Parish Council vacancy – 18th January 2018.

At its February meeting, the parish council intends to co-opt a new councillor to fill the casual vacancy which occurred when Cllr. Jameson moved out of the area.

Anyone interested is requested to contact the clerk, or any member of the council, for further information.

The parish council would particularly like to hear from residents of the Hilperton Marsh or Paxcroft Mead areas of the parish as these areas are currently under-represented on the PC.