Wiltshire Council Open Space Survey

Have your say on your local Open Space.

Wiltshire Council needs your help with its latest Open Space Study Survey. Four years ago data was collected about the county’s open spaces and the important role they play in the community, but that data needs updating so results can help with Wiltshire Council’s new Green Infrastructure Strategy and Open Space Strategy.

Due to the problems Wiltshire Council is currently having with its IT, if you would like to take part please request a copy of the survey via the Contact page on this site, which you can then fill in and email to Wiltshire Council at the address provided on the form, or send by post to Wiltshire Council, Spatial Planning,  County Hall,  Bythesea Road,  Trowbridge  BA14 8JN.

The closing date to take part is 31st March, 2020.

If you wish to read about the subject, Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Guidance page has a downloadable PDF which describes green infrastructure. If you wish to see further information regarding Wiltshire Council’s current policies in the Wiltshire Core Strategy, please go to the Planning Policy Core Strategy web page.