Hilperton Bus Shelters and Notice Boards

The Parish Council is looking for someone to maintain/tidy/sweep and repair, when necessary, our five Bus Shelters in the village.  Also, our five Notice Boards will need to be cleaned regularly. 

Bus Shelters

  • Trowbridge Road: (coming into Hilperton, this is on the right-hand side of the road, near the Lion and Fiddle public house).
  • Hill Street:  At the top end of Hill Street there is an old concrete and brick bus shelter.  This needs repainting and generally tidying up as soon as possible before the regular two-monthly maintenance.
  • Hill Street:  There are another two bus shelters in Hill Street.  These are modern and need tidying up, sweeping out and removing any graffiti.
  • Horse Road:  There is another bus shelter along Horse Road, at the far end.

So, five bus shelters in total.  The tidying up and sweeping should be done on a two-monthly basis.

Notice Boards

  • Trowbridge Road:  This notice board is opposite and along a bit from the bus shelter.
  • The Village Hall, Whaddon Lane:  the PC notice board is to the side of the main entrance door.
  • Hill Street:  This is the biggest notice board and is by the bus shelter at the top end of Hill Street.
  • Horse Road:  This notice board is in the grounds of St. Mary’s Church and is easy to access.
  • Marsh Stores, Marsh Road:  The notice board is around the side of the building, by the letter box.

As with the bus shelters, the Parish Council would like the Notice Boards cleaned on a two-monthly basis.

If there is anyone interested in taking on this work, could he/she inspect the Bus Shelters and Notice Boards and come back to the Parish Council with a quote.  Please contact the Clerk, Marylyn Timms by calling 07921 649183.