Annual Parish Meetings – Advance Notice

The Parish Meetings will be held on Tuesday May 21st 2024 at Hilperton Village Hall, Whaddon Lane BA14 7RN.

The Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7:00 pm will be followed by the Annual Parish Councill Meeting (Provisional start time set for 7:45 pm)

If anyone would like anything brought up at the Annual Parish Meeting, please submit it to the Clerk (details as below) by Monday May 15th 2024.

Richard Culverhouse
Clerk to Hilperton Parish Council
97 Heather Shaw,
BA14 7JT
07785 547176

Parish Council Precept 2024/2025

Hilperton Parish Council met recently to set the precept for 2024/25.

After discussion relating to increasing costs, the council decided that an increase in precept was justified.

It therefore agreed to an approx. £1.00 PER ANNUM increase from April (approx. 2p per week).

Vacancy – Parish Clerk

A vacancy has arisen for the position of Parish Clerk.

Reporting to the Chairman, the Clerk is responsible
for the preparation of meetings, implementing council decisions
and keeping its financial records.

Attendance at evening meetings and preparation of
Minutes for approval will be required.

Please see the attached notice for full details.

Closing date for applications: 23rd September 2023

Notice – Hilperton Parish Clerk.

McDonald’s in Hilperton?

Over 150 people attended the public meeting on 1st August with many more turning back as the hall was full.

Residents spoke to share their concerns over the applications, and the meeting was drawn to a close after about an hour and a half.

At the parish council meeting which followed, it was agreed that the PC will employ a planning consultant to fight the applications.  The cost will be met from PC reserves.

Hilperton Bus Shelters and Notice Boards

The Parish Council is looking for someone to maintain/tidy/sweep and repair, when necessary, our five Bus Shelters in the village.  Also, our five Notice Boards will need to be cleaned regularly. 

Bus Shelters

  • Trowbridge Road: (coming into Hilperton, this is on the right-hand side of the road, near the Lion and Fiddle public house).
  • Hill Street:  At the top end of Hill Street there is an old concrete and brick bus shelter.  This needs repainting and generally tidying up as soon as possible before the regular two-monthly maintenance.
  • Hill Street:  There are another two bus shelters in Hill Street.  These are modern and need tidying up, sweeping out and removing any graffiti.
  • Horse Road:  There is another bus shelter along Horse Road, at the far end.

So, five bus shelters in total.  The tidying up and sweeping should be done on a two-monthly basis.

Notice Boards

  • Trowbridge Road:  This notice board is opposite and along a bit from the bus shelter.
  • The Village Hall, Whaddon Lane:  the PC notice board is to the side of the main entrance door.
  • Hill Street:  This is the biggest notice board and is by the bus shelter at the top end of Hill Street.
  • Horse Road:  This notice board is in the grounds of St. Mary’s Church and is easy to access.
  • Marsh Stores, Marsh Road:  The notice board is around the side of the building, by the letter box.

As with the bus shelters, the Parish Council would like the Notice Boards cleaned on a two-monthly basis.

If there is anyone interested in taking on this work, could he/she inspect the Bus Shelters and Notice Boards and come back to the Parish Council with a quote.  Please contact the Clerk, Marylyn Timms by calling 07921 649183.